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Stella sw is Shimano's tallest, strongest, strongest and strongest rotating spindle,

recognized for quality and durability by anglers around the world. Moon Tuna, GT, Shark - No

Limit, InfinitePower.
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Smooth and Consistent - Reinforced stainless steel main slide and zinc alloy drive gear

equipped with three carbon washing machines give you smoother and more performance

consistent, no more stuck or broken lines.

SW has always been a world leader in durability, strength and usability. SW developed

according to that tradition and now provides strength, reliability and ease of use

saltwater anglers. Seriously, there's the Hagane SW chassis, which offers a metal construction

very dense.

This means better impact resistance and less bodyflex in the middle of the hoist

haganegears.Sophisticated haganegears are cooled for long -lasting durability and softness.

Infinity Drive technology offers a better winding experience with strength

26% more windings. Silent Drive improves smoothness by eliminating worm shafts

and drive gear.

The IPX8 waterproof rating is achieved using X-Protect and X-Shield with Hagane Aluminum

Bodyacting, very hard and tough outer shell. X-Protect Nespecial rubber gasket

combined with line rollers, making the mechanism more durable than

its predecessor.

The new and improved compact rotor design measures 8000 and makes the reel 50g more

lighter than the same Stella sw, the HG model is designed for jig castings and retainers, while the PG

designed. For jigging and XG applications for saltwater broadcasting.

Real shot outside

Stella SW - Product Specifications

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